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Founded in 2010, Run Dog Run is a Bozeman-based 501 c(3) not-for profit organization with a mission to advocate for additional off-leash recreation facilities for Bozeman area dog owners and to promote responsible dog ownership practices in the community.


None of our officers receive compensation, so your donations go directly to the projects that you choose to support.


In addition to constructing off-leash play areas, we organize Scoop the Poop dog waste pick-up events and maintain several dog waste stations in Bozeman-area parks and play areas.

Like you, we're dog lovers. We know that dogs need room to run, to socialize, to explore and to bond with their owners. We also know that off-leash dogs can present challanges for other user groups and those dog owners who prefer to keep their dogs on-leash.


That's why we also focus on promoting responsible dog ownership practices such as pickup up after your dog, keeping them under control and steering them clear of conflicts.


We're funded by a small - but growing - number of dog owners in the greater Bozeman area. Simply stated, we could not exist without the financial support and volunteer efforts of people just like you.

New Dog Park At
Bozeman Pond Park

Lend-A-Leash Kiosks: In Partnership With the City of Bozeman, GVLT and Dee-O-Gee

We work with municipalities and with partner organizations to

build additional off-leash dog facilites

and promote responsible dog ownership practices.

We strive to be a responsible partner that adds value.


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