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2 Single-Dog Play Areas at Softball Complex

In 2010, Run Dog Run constructed two single-dog play areas with the support of donors and Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply. Dogs that don't do well in traditional dog parks can exercise and bond with their owners without distractions. We maintain these play areas including the 4 dog waste stations there.

West Paw Play Area at Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter

In 2012, we constructed a 150-foot by 90-foot play area at Heart of the Valley Animal Shleter thanks in large part to a generous donation from West Paw Design. This play area is well-used for obedience practice, play groups, doggie get-togethers and training sessions. It's open to the public on a year-round basis.

Gallatin Regional Park Waste Stations (Oak and Davis)

Gallatin Regional Park is one of the area's most popular off-leash dog parks, but the facility had  no permanent dog waste stations, which created a significant dog pollution issue as well as user group conflict. Run Dog Run installed 5 waste stations. It is estimated that 40,000+ dog waste bags will be used each year here.

Future Dog Parks

Run Dog Run will continue to advocate for additional off-leash facilities. We believe that providing safe, sanctioned and dedicated space for Bozeman area dog owners will help reduce conflicts between user groups and will encourage all dog owner to provide their pets with the exercise they need each day. We believe that any new subdivisions should include off-leash accommodations.

Scoop the Poop Events

Picking up dog waste may not sound like a thrilling way to spend a Saturday, but Bozeman dog owners have shown up in droves to help us clean up popular dog recreation areas like Peets Hill, Snowfill Park and the East Gallatin Recreation area. Not only do we remove a significant amount of dog waste, the publicity these events generate helps spread the word about this important issue.

Anderson Dog Park

 In partnership with Gallatin County, we have constructed Montana's Best Off-Leash Facility: Anderson Dog Park at the Regional Park. It is a 13-acre fenced park with water features, a doggie beach and dock-diving area as well as a fetch field, agility course and shade pavilions. We will continue to improve this facility over time. 

Bozeman Pond Park

​Construction has begun on a 3-acre, fully-fenced dog park on the north side of this new addition to Bozeman Pond Park, just east of Fowler Ave. It will feature a separate play area for small dogs and puppies, a shade pavilion, a doggie fountain and plenty of room for dogs to run! This park will serve the fastest-growing part of Bozeman, where lot sizes don't often provide sufficient space to exercise an active dog.

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