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Wagging Tail Trail: Honor a Beloved Dog & Donate To Building Montana's Best Dog Park

Honor a beloved dog - past or present - and have their image featured on a 9" x 12" all-weather metal sign on a totem on the Wagging Tail Trail at Gallatin Regional Park.


It's the most visible way for dog lovers to pay tribute to a canine companion. Your donation will go toward adding amenities (trails, landscaping, diving dock, dog beach, etc.) at the off-leash park at Gallatin Regional Park.


For a $500 donation to Run Dog Run, the sign will be printed, mounted and maintained for a three-year period, after which you may chose to renew the sign with an additional donation. We will replace the sign in case of damage throughout the 3-year period.


Here's how it works: You provide a $500 tax deductible donation and a scanned image of your dog (we can also scan a photo for you) that is oriented in "portrait" mode. We place that image into our design template that features a dog bone border and the dog's name printed on a bone shape. We print the sign on a durable metal sign and place it on a totem on the Wagging Tail Trail. We will feature the sign for a three year period.


To get started, either call 406) 587-9180 to talk to Terry Cunningham, email him at or make a $500 donation via our DONATE button on this site.


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